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Keeping your side of the street clean

"Keep your side of the street clean" is a saying that I picked up from one of my colleagues, and good friend, while working in addiction treatment. It's something that I have adopted and used with many clients, as well as in my own life. It's simple really... rather than focus on what OTHERS need to do, or how OTHERS need to change in order to make something work, you simply need to worry about yourself and what you can change and/or improve. By focusing on yourself; including, your behaviors, and responses to things - you are able to influence a situation. In most instances, focusing on what another person needs to do will get you absolutely nowhere - since we cannot control another person. So... lets try this: the next time you find yourself in a frustrating situation with a friend, spouse, sibling, or other relationship, shift your focus away from what you want the other person to do, and try instead to focus on what you might be able to do differently. Are you able to change your response? shift your perspective? If so, you may find that the other individual will respond to you differently, based on the changes you have made. Good luck!

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